Amherst, NY is a reasonably-sized suburb of Buffalo, NY, noted, among other things, as the location of the S.U.N.Y.A.B., and as a town with a burdensome property tax. Its location NE of Buffalo places it somewhat north of the natural snow belt of lake-effect precipitation. Occasionally, the prevailing winds will carry that wonderful white stuff to the North of Buffalo, resulting in sizeable accumulations in the Towns of Tonawanda and Amherst. Having lived in the former, and visited often in the latter, I've enjoyed these wayward storms... truly a spectacle of nature!

The photos on this page illustrate the effects of such a storm during a recent stay with family in Amherst.

Winter Scene

If you look real close at the center left of this photo, you'll see what at first would appear to be a multi-mailbox arrangement, but it's not. It's a humanoid... retrieving mail from a somewhat buried box of the normal variety! The tax base does provide for snow-free streets, as can be partially seen from the photos above and below.

Leftover snowIt wasn't Kilimanjaro...

...but it was "ours", and we had to travel only 150 feet to climb it!  This beautiful sunny day led to thoughts of an early Spring.

The "Weather-maker" had other ideas, however....

Approaching stormAlmost here!

As dawn broke, there was an ominous look to the sky, and one didn't need a billion dollar weather forecast system to know what was headed our way! A routine check of bread, milk, and eggs was already underway... a habit fully ingrained in our consciousness from residing several states south of the Empire State.

The "storm", as it was, was a disappointment... bringing more rain than snow.

Mixed Rain & Snow Batten down the hatches!! ...or better yet, build an Ark!

The rain, however, was followed by a night and day of 40 mph winds and a falling thermometer, resulting in......

Wind-blown snow     ....another landscape form.
The wind-blown powder effectively covered the sullied mass of "used" snow, giving us a delightfully fresh veneer in the morning. It was through tired eyes that I took in this scene, however....   the shrieking noise of the wind waking me often throughout the night.

A hot cup of coffee and a fresh-baked roll was our youth-elixir today, as we enjoyed the warmth of company (and furnace heat!).

 The trees won't 'want' for moisture this Season!

Snow piled along driveway



No snow grows here!!! A clean drive!


Another day, another driveway cleaned, another commuter (our hostess) returning home from the daily grind.
Home from the grind!

So ends the show-and-tell of the January 1999 snows in WNY State... 65 inches were recorded at the Buffalo NY weather station, a record of sorts -- especially for all of those commercial snow plow operators whose contracts specify an 80" limit for the entire season... I can hear the coins jingling all the way to the bank!

For a look at some snow scenes from the photo archives, see The WNY Blizzard of '77.

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