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The Cameras:

The Ansco Speedex 4.5 Special

The Speedex

This was the first camera I bought, using newspaper route and gift money - circa 1953. It's an Agfa, made in Münich, Germany for the Ansco company, and it probably cost in the $30-35 range when new. It uses 120 film, which is a square format of 2 1/4" x 2 1/4", 12 exposures per roll. I dug it out of the "equipment" drawer a couple of weeks ago and loaded up a roll of Kodak TMax 400 film (B&W) to try it out. The shutter doesn't work below 1/50th, and the focus ring is stuck as well, but what the heck, that's no different than me, so it's a good match!

I finished the test roll but haven't gotten it developed yet – the first camera store wanting ~$20 for developing and 12 prints. At that price, I can see why medium format photography lost the consumer side of the business. If any shots turn out, I'll post a sample below... everyone's always interested in miracles, right??!

UPDATE: The test roll has been developed, but I haven't found a MF scanner yet. Scanning from the prints was NG. There does appear to be a light leak somewhere in the camera. :(

For more info on old Agfa cameras, see the extensive equipment site put up by Roland Givan at his AGFA Shelf.

The Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic (35mm)

(Note: 12/2003 ... the included links are currently unavail. due to host site being down.)

There are a number of shots throughout these web pages which were taken with this camera. See the Niagara Falls pics for some examples. Also, some nighttime scenes of Niagara Falls are shown on my Cartogra site.

The Nikon 900s Coolpix Digital

(Note: 12/2003 ... the included links are currently unavail. due to host site being down.)

For a quick look at some very recent images taken with this camera – all as yet un-edited – see the Greensboro Bicentennial Garden and Bog pictures. Earlier photos can be seen in the snow scenes collection on my HP Cartogra web pages.

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The Photos:

To view an eclectic collection of images –samples of my work from the past 47 years– here's

The Gallery... (I have the photos ready -- no web space currently avail.)

The Software:

The photo editing software currently in use around here is Photoshop 7.0.1, Breezebrowser 2.7c, Picture Window 2.5, ACDSee Classic 2.43, IrfanView 3.80, and PIE 3.0. Here's a look at a simpler time during a basic online Photoshop Course.

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