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Al on Lighting #1603 - Lake Erie

That's what we thought we were doing back then - ca.1963, and in retrospect, maybe we were. Those were surely simpler times with minimal worries, good health, and the world (well, at least Lake Erie) for a playground!

The boat is a Lightning, 19', with a main, jib and spinnaker. It was sailed and raced on Abino Bay, Ont. Canada from my mooring at The Buffalo Canoe Club. For the history books, it was built in Skaneateles NY many years before I purchased it, and was originally named "High Jinx". I sailed her under the name 'Charlie Brown', which was –and not by coincidence– somewhat symbolic of my racing prowess.


(February 13, 2000, was a melancholy day, with the passing on of both Peanuts® and Charles Schulz.)

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