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The 1991Acura (Honda) NSX

A World-Class Automobile

Looking around Here I Come


Ready to move out...

Power stance Where the rubber meets..


Not a Momo... but..

Leather Grip Inviting!


Cab forward... wheels staggered

F-16 Ride on these!


It all comes from here...

V6 VTEC Power plant


This is the car that everyone has always heard about... "driven only on Sundays, kept in a garage, never driven in snow". Well, all of that's true 'cept for the "little old lady" part of it. "Little old man" would be closer to the truth... and lately I don't know about the 'little' part of that! :(

Addendum 8/2003: The NSX is GONE! :( Sold to a new owner... something I thought I'd never do.

There'll not be a replacement. Well.... maybe a bike... human powered...

If you're still hanging in here, and your modem hasn't smoked from downloading web pages that are too large, there's still a sailboat pic to look at if you're feeling nautical!

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