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The Triumph TR3

Truly a fun-loving car!!

This is the car... one of the most unique and recognizable sports cars of the late 1950's and early 60s. I wanted one ever since that first day when, as a teenager, I drove a race-prepped TR2 down Hertel Ave in Buffalo NY in the late 50's, delivering it to Ahr's Foreign Sports Car dealership.
tr3 front
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My dream came true in Oct. 1959, when I bought a brand new 1960 TR3A... straight off the showroom floor. No price haggling... want it - see it - buy it!! Cost was a nice round $3k then - I should have haggled! ;) but all-in-all, things were sure simpler back in the 50's!

The car in all of the photos shown here is a 1959 TR3. I was given permission to take these pictures by the driver of the car, who was as enthusiastic about this TR3 as I have always been about mine.

A big "thank you" for allowing me to do that, and I hope that you'll enjoy seeing these shots. :)

This is a nice full shot of the TR3. I always liked the
cut-away doors - a great armrest, and you could
get a manicure by reaching down to the road! ;)
(Just kidding... don't ever try this!!)

The side mirror on the 'A' was an option, and
was located on the front of the fender (I think!).

tr3 full view
My '60 model had a black
interior and steel wheels,
and a body color of
'Arctic White'. I think it even
sported white wall tires!

tr3 cockpit
No air bags here! No shoulder belts either. I had to buy
my own lap belts and install them. Thank goodness Ralph Nader wasn't doing his thing yet - there would never have been a Triumph sports car in the USA.

The open cockpit was a joy! I remember my father "grunting" when we ran over small stones or even cracks in the pavement, since every little bump was sent straight to the kidneys!! :)

Here's the rear view... a little dark tho. I dummied up the plate no. and then noticed the trailer hitch. That's a novelty!! The rear panel covers the spare tire recess, the jack, and a manual starter crank.

The crank came in handy many times in the cold Buffalo winters. I guess I should have simply bought a new battery!
tr3 rear

tr3 on road
There they go! The TR3 looks so small now, especially when compared to the mini-van from which this photo was shot.

It wasn't exactly a warm sunny GSO day either, but memories remain of driving top down in the middle of January in Buffalo in 35 degree temps. Youth conquers all!! :)

Well... that's it! Hope you enjoyed it! I know I did. :)

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