Photoshop Class Assignments
Lesson 8 - Retouching,

This assignment was the most interesting and involved to-date. See the before and after below. This was an image provided by the instructor to the entire class so that everyone's efforts could be viewed with a constant - the photo. The most difficult task for me (and still not done well) was trying to brighten up the image... to get rid of the dull, flat-looking scene. I used curves instead of levels and the result has too much contrast, or not enough graduations of tone. (See the mother's face!) The father's shirt was devoid of detail to begin with, and so I didn't know what to do with that element.

Original (Scanned) Family Image

My "Work-in-progress"

What do you think of my brick wall!! Easier than fixin' people! <smile!>
The mother's face appears to consist of 8 shades of gray instead of 256 :(
The father now has TWO left legs!!

Take a look at my "improbable boating" image!

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