Forestdale Plaza - the final throes...

The Forestdale Plaza was one of two small-town plazas in Jamestown, N.C. It was alive and kicking 25 years ago when I first arrived in town, housing grocery, drug, and hardware stores, along with a "laundramat" of sorts. Now it is gone, a victim of changing times and demographics.

I don't have a "before" photo, but here's a small panorama taken with the demolition at ~50%.

Here's the final photo –some cleanup remaining. The cleared space at the far right of this photo (just beyond the shrubs) belonged to an old Jamestown home, converted some time ago into our favorite ice cream shop, The Big Dipper. It has been demolished as well – all this work being done in preparation for construction of a new Food Lion grocery store and approximately 14 new shops. I wish them well - they're fighting the odds on this one!

Panorama of the demolished plaza
This is a nine shot panorama of the remains of the Forestdale Plaza and
the Big Dipper ice cream parlor - 3/7/2001

(Click on this small image to see a larger 120k view.)

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