Waterfalls and Mountain Streams in WNC

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The start of our trek upstream from the parking area led us by this small uplifted rock strata. It was such a beautiful scene, that, together with the natural quiet of an uninhabited area, I could have spent the rest of the day there reading a good book, or just taking more photos.
small falls


The first of the waterfalls was a "user friendly" type of falls, since we could go right up to it, and behind as well, without concern for our personal safety. The site lent itself to exploration, which we used to good advantage. This photo came at the end of the stop, when everyone was ready to move on except me. ;)

Lower falls


This photo was taken behind the "curtain" of water of the falls show above. It was very wet looking under there, but still OK to use our photo gear, and lots of fun doing it!

Behind the falls  
A look from behind the falls...on the damp side!


The next scenic stop on our travels was this multi-level cascading falls. We were able to get above and view the scene from different vantage points.

The uniqueness of this drop in the stream bed was a nice change of pace from the more common single falls.

Cascade falls


Triple falls
Well, we've arrived at the last "falls" of the day! Actually, it's a collection of spillways, but really interesting to look at nonetheless. The size –in this image– is deceivingly small until you look at the two people standing at the base and compare.. (center right edge of the photo). If you d-click on the photo, you'll see a larger view which will show the scale more readily.


This is my "end of day" photo. I'm shooting downstream from the high falls, with the late afternoon sunlight highlighting the golden leaves. Everyone is waiting for me to finish so that we can begin our trek back to the cars. In between the first photo and this last one, approximately 300 shots were taken, a few of which can be seen by clicking on the 'NC Streams' link at the bottom of this page.

End of the day


For additional (LARGE) photos of the streams and falls of the Pisgah Forest in North Carolina,
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