Niagara Falls - Dry

In this portfolio, we're going to take a drive on the I-190 straight to Niagara Falls, NY. It's the Summer of 1969, and the US Army Corps of Engineers is working on the American Falls... right on top of the falls, and in front of it, and at the bottom as well! How's that, you wonder. Well, take a look...


The American Falls without water... Summer 1969

The Falls remedial project was undertaken by the Army Engineers, who built a cofferdam at the head of the rapids area leading to the American Falls. This dam blocked the turbulent flow between the mainland (USA) and Goat Island.

The purpose was to permit exploration of the underlying rock strata and the face of the falls itself, to see if the on-going deformation could be slowed down or even halted. In addition to visual inspection, borings were made from the top and from the face to map the underlying structure.

As a part of this project, there were also thoughts of removing the rock debris at the base to improve the 'drop' of the water for visual effect. However, when uncovered, the huge size of the boulders at the bottom surprised many people, and a decision was finally made to leave the debris untouched.

One of the stated reasons for this, other than the mammoth task of removal, was the belief that the rock debris would help shore up the current fragile rock face. (It's now 31 years later, and since I don't live there anymore, I haven't kept up with the news to see if this thesis held water (or rock), so to speak.

Skylon Tower; Adam Beck power
American Falls


Well, we're on our way... Niagara Falls in about 30 minutes... LOOK OUT!!

S P L A T !!

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