I have always liked SNOW, as long as there was a ready escape from it... like at dinner time, or when I couldn't feel my toes any longer, or when the neighborhood bully was seen coming down the street with an armload of hard-packed snow balls.

Snow is exciting when being blown horizontally, and also when lying serenely in its most pristine form. Unfortunately,  this latter state usually occurs somewhere between midnight and 0400 hours.  By 0800 - my normal wake time - I'm usually treated to a polluted brown-gray-looking mass of slop, which resembles something like a cross between porridge and mother earth.  Damp and dirty are the words that come to mind.

This is some of that brown-looking stuff... 

OTOH, if the white fluff comes at the right time of day, you can get lucky and have a chance to shovel it before going to work.... exciting!... and it's still white, so when you collapse from the effort, you'll be very visible.  Make sure to wear something orange, so the plowman will at least see you before he buries you!!

This is our host after morning java...

 For more photos of the January snow, go to Amherst, NY, where all of these pics were taken. For a look at the days when people used to walk 4 miles to school in a blizzard  :-| take a look at The WNY Blizzard of '77.

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